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What should I do?  What has value?  How do I measure it?  Is it worth my time?  What makes for good content? How do I build my list of followers?  Lot’s of people find themselves asking those questions.  “Where to start?”, “How to define success”, and “What are all the pieces of  social media strategy should I consider?”, are also very common discussions.


Every company has a different need and different ways to utilize social media. We get “I don’t have worthwhile content” comments from a lot people in our early conversations.  We can and will help you create and find valuable content to share and write about.

You can also choose to communicate to the different social media channels and those followers with different messages or link them all together (a blog post would automatically post to Facebook, which would automatically post to Twitter, etc)  so your audience can follow you via the medium they like to use most (a lot more common practice with B-to-B businesses). Done right, your message will get out to thousands of people with a single click – that is more cost effective than any advertising dollar.

We will help you determine what to do, help with posts, identify strategy, set an editorial schedule, determine what you specific expectations and goals should be, and assist with looking for other relevant content to share in order to bolster the amount of content  you have available to post.

You don’t necessarily need to create or natively write all the content you share – it helps, but you can fill gaps in posting by aggregating content. You can look to put your spin on industry news, articles, or content from publications in order to create content for your audience.

You build your “community” around being an information resource for them. You cannot always trust what you read or what search engines spit back out at you – so people look to companies and resources they “know” for their opinion and this is a good way to drive your trust factor up.

Reaction Direct will then relate this strategy back into your website, content, search engine optimization, and from the actual data that gets analyzed to help you have some “real-time” research into your prospects and clients and help you adjust your marketing strategies to take advantage of what the social channels are telling you.

It also allows for your to create a dialog with your customer base. We have some tips and tools to make sure your social media can be successful.  If you are ready to make the next wave of marketing work for you, contact us and we can help you put social media to work for you.



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