About Us

A Note From Our Founder/President/CEO and Chief Communicator

I started Reaction Direct because I was watching too many businesses spend ridiculous amounts of money on media campaigns that were doomed to fail from the start. I watched hundreds of thousands of dollars generate zero response. I watched as “sales managers” and  “Media partners” mis-lead clients in order to archive their sales goals. I also watched big companies take advantage of media buyers and marketing directors because they “looked like they had a lot of money to spend”.

Times have changes. People haven’t. Reaction Direct is about integrity. Our clients don`t always agree with us and our recommendations don’t always generate huge returns but our clients know we got their back. They know our team is committed to their business and we fight to ensure every dollar our clients spend is spent wisely. Our idea and creative team includes some of the most talented people in the industry. Anyone can run your Facebook page or build you a website. Reaction Direct is about trust and commitment. It’s about attention to detail. It`s about results and ROI.

Call us and take the next step to getting control of your marketing. It`s too important not too.

Terry Packer 
(734) 765-8671